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--- hook-perl.pod	2008-03-24 20:21:15 UTC (rev 7719)
+++ hook-perl.pod	2008-04-03 12:24:31 UTC (rev 7720)
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
 The %hdr hash should not be modified inside filter_art().  Instead, if any
 of the contents need to be modified temporarily during filtering (smashing
-case, for example), copy them into a seperate variable first and perform
+case, for example), copy them into a separate variable first and perform
 the modifications on the copy.  Currently, C<$hdr{__BODY__}> is the only
 data that will cause your filter to die if you modify it, but in the
 future other keys may also contain live data.  Modifying live INN data in

Modified: install.pod
--- install.pod	2008-03-24 20:21:15 UTC (rev 7719)
+++ install.pod	2008-04-03 12:24:31 UTC (rev 7720)
@@ -546,7 +546,7 @@
 since much of the file system overhead is bypassed, while still retaining
 the same fine control over article retention time.
-Disadvantages:  Even worse than timehash, and similar to cnfs (below),
+Disadvantages:  Even worse than timehash, and similar to CNFS (below),
 using this method means giving up all but the most careful manually
 fiddling with your article spool.  As one of the newer and least widely
 used storage types, timecaf has not been as thoroughly tested as the other

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