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INN Commit rra at
Sat Oct 10 07:53:26 UTC 2009

    Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009 @ 00:53:26
  Author: iulius
Revision: 8655

* Mention the OVER command instead of XOVER.

* Mention the --enable-keywords configure option in inn.conf
for keyword generation.


 doc/FAQ                             |    2 +-
 doc/pod/inn.conf.pod                |   12 +++++++-----
 storage/tradindexed/tdx-structure.h |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

Modified: doc/FAQ
--- doc/FAQ	2009-10-10 07:50:03 UTC (rev 8654)
+++ doc/FAQ	2009-10-10 07:53:26 UTC (rev 8655)
@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@
 Subject: 2.4. What is overview?
 Overview is summary information about articles in a newsgroup that is
-returned to news reading clients as a response to the XOVER command.  It's
+returned to news reading clients as a response to the OVER command.  It's
 a very common extension to the NNTP protocol that allows readers to review
 summary information about articles before taking the time (and bandwidth)
 to download the entire article.

Modified: doc/pod/inn.conf.pod
--- doc/pod/inn.conf.pod	2009-10-10 07:50:03 UTC (rev 8654)
+++ doc/pod/inn.conf.pod	2009-10-10 07:53:26 UTC (rev 8655)
@@ -777,9 +777,11 @@
 Whether the keyword generation support should be enabled.  This is a
 boolean value and the default is false.
-FIXME: Currently, support for keyword generation is configured into INN
-semi-randomly (based on whether configure found the regex library); it
-should be an option to configure and that option should be mentioned here.
+In order to use this feature, the regex library should be available
+and INN configured with the B<--enable-keywords> flag.  Otherwise,
+no keywords will be generated, even though this boolean value is set
+to true.  You also have to add the integration of the Keywords: header
+into the overview with I<extraoverviewadvertised> or I<extraoverviewhidden>.
 =item I<keyartlimit>
@@ -1239,7 +1241,7 @@
 =item I<keepmmappedthreshold>
 When using buffindexed, retrieving overview data (that is, responding to
-XOVER or running expireover) causes mmapping of all overview data blocks
+OVER or running expireover) causes mmapping of all overview data blocks
 which include requested overview data for newsgroup.  But for high volume
 newsgroups like control.cancel, this may cause too much mmapping at once
 leading to system resource problems.  To avoid this, if the amount to be
@@ -1317,7 +1319,7 @@
-=head2 Paths and File Names
+=head2 Paths Names
 =over 4

Modified: storage/tradindexed/tdx-structure.h
--- storage/tradindexed/tdx-structure.h	2009-10-10 07:50:03 UTC (rev 8654)
+++ storage/tradindexed/tdx-structure.h	2009-10-10 07:53:26 UTC (rev 8655)
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
 **  stored in <pathoverview>/n/a/n/news.announce.newgroups.{IDX,DAT}.  The
 **  .DAT file contains the individual overview entries, one per line, stored
 **  in wire format (in other words, suitable for dumping directly across the
-**  network to a client in response to an XOVER command).  The overview data
+**  network to a client in response to an OVER command).  The overview data
 **  stored in that file may be out of order.
 **  The .IDX file consists of a series of struct index_entry's, one for each

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