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Update changelog after revision 9189.


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 with the I<htmlstatus> parameter in F<inn.conf>.  If you used HTML_STATUS,
 you should set I<htmlstatus> accordingly.
+A confusion in the name of a key in F<innfeed.conf> existed in the source
+code.  Make sure that the mispelled, undocumented I<backlog-limit-high>
+key is *not* used in your F<innfeed.conf> file; its real name is
+I<backlog-limit-highwater>.  You should rename the key in case it is present
+in your configuration file.  Otherwise, it will not be taken into account.
 =over 2
 =item *
@@ -224,6 +230,12 @@
 B<innshellvars> script (respectively shell, INN::Config Perl module,
 and Tcl).  A typical use is to add or override variables.
+=item *
+Other minor bug fixes and documentation improvements.  In particular, the
+I<debug-shrinking>, I<fast-exit> and I<initial-sleep> keys in F<innfeed.conf>
+are now documented.
 =head1 Changes in 2.5.2

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