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    Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015 @ 12:46:06
  Author: eagle
Revision: 9788 appears to be gone

Replace this link in HACKING with a link to the usefor mailing
list archives and to my Usenet article format pages.


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--- hacking.pod	2015-01-10 20:45:56 UTC (rev 9787)
+++ hacking.pod	2015-01-10 20:46:06 UTC (rev 9788)
@@ -762,12 +762,16 @@
 of the new NNTP standard.  The old archived mailing list traffic contains
 a lot of interesting discussion of why NNTP is the way it is.
-=item L<>
+=item L<>
+A collection of documents about the Usenet article format, including
+most of the relevant RFCs and Internet-Drafts.
+=item L<>
 The archives for the USEFOR IETF working group, the working group for the
 S<RFC 1036> replacement (the format of Usenet articles), now published as
-S<RFC 5536> and S<RFC 5537>.  Also contains a lot of references to other
-relevant work.  Another useful link is L<>.
+S<RFC 5536> and S<RFC 5537>.
 =item L<>

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