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Wed Dec 9 22:17:40 UTC 2020

    Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 @ 14:17:40
  Author: iulius
Revision: 10451

INSTALL:  Document the need of shared libraries or position-independent static libraries


 install.pod |    6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

Modified: install.pod
--- install.pod	2020-12-09 21:55:08 UTC (rev 10450)
+++ install.pod	2020-12-09 22:17:40 UTC (rev 10451)
@@ -163,6 +163,12 @@
 colon-separated list of additional directories in which to look for shared
 libraries before building INN will be sufficient.
+If you build your own libraries, make sure to generate them as either
+shared libraries or static libraries built with B<-fPIC> amongst
+the options given to the compiler (to obtain position-independent
+code).  Otherwise, building INN will fail, unless you pass
+B<--disable-hardening-flags> to B<configure>.
 =head1 Unpacking the Distribution

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