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Document what to do in order to re-inject a previously rejected article

Useful when one forgets to change artcutoff to 0.


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     ctlinnd perl n
     ctlinnd python n
+Note that rejected articles are remembered during the number of days
+specified by the /remember/ line in expire.ctl; so, in case you forgot
+to change the above parameters, you'll have to wait that number of
+days before being able to inject them again.  You can of course set
+/remember/ to 0, run the expire process (for instance via news.daily),
+undo the change in expire.ctl and then start the feed again.
 You may also want to set xrefslave to true in inn.conf and then restart
 INN on the new server if you want to keep the same article numbers as you
 had on the old server.  (It is notably helpful for news clients because

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 the value of that setting.  If I<days> is 0, this check is suppressed and
 B<innd> will accept articles regardless of how old they are.
+Note that rejected articles are remembered during the number of days
+specified by the C</remember/> line in expire.ctl(5).  You'll have to
+wait that number of days before being able to inject again an article
+with the same previously rejected Message-ID.
 =item B<-C>
 This flag tells B<innd> to accept and propagate but not actually process

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