[InterNetNews/inn] d1d297: Move clibrary.h to portable/system.h

Julien ÉLIE noreply at github.com
Mon Oct 18 20:39:33 UTC 2021

  Branch: refs/heads/main
  Home:   https://github.com/InterNetNews/inn
  Commit: d1d29768a3e980ad32bec990317de5e7b1444824
  Author: Julien ÉLIE <Julien-Elie at users.noreply.github.com>
  Date:   2021-10-18 (Mon, 18 Oct 2021)

  Changed paths:
    M authprogs/Makefile
    M authprogs/auth_krb5.c
    M authprogs/ckpasswd.c
    M authprogs/domain.c
    M authprogs/ident.c
    M authprogs/libauth.c
    M authprogs/libauth.h
    M authprogs/radius.c
    M backends/Makefile
    M backends/actsync.c
    M backends/archive.c
    M backends/batcher.c
    M backends/buffchan.c
    M backends/cvtbatch.c
    M backends/filechan.c
    M backends/innbind.c
    M backends/inndf.c
    M backends/innxbatch.c
    M backends/innxmit.c
    M backends/map.c
    M backends/ninpaths.c
    M backends/nntpget.c
    M backends/overchan.c
    M backends/shlock.c
    M backends/shrinkfile.c
    M configure.ac
    M contrib/auth_pass.c
    M contrib/expirectl.c
    M contrib/newsresp.c
    M contrib/pullart.c
    M contrib/reset-cnfs.c
    M contrib/respool.c
    M doc/pod/hacking.pod
    M expire/Makefile
    M expire/convdate.c
    M expire/expire.c
    M expire/expireover.c
    M expire/fastrm.c
    M expire/grephistory.c
    M expire/makedbz.c
    M expire/makehistory.c
    M expire/prunehistory.c
    M frontends/Makefile
    M frontends/ctlinnd.c
    M frontends/decode.c
    M frontends/encode.c
    M frontends/feedone.c
    M frontends/getlist.c
    M frontends/inews.c
    M frontends/innconfval.c
    M frontends/ovdb_init.c
    M frontends/ovdb_monitor.c
    M frontends/ovdb_server.c
    M frontends/ovdb_stat.c
    M frontends/rnews.c
    M frontends/sm.c
    M frontends/sys2nf.c
    M history/Makefile
    M history/his.c
    M history/hisv6/hisv6.c
    R include/clibrary.h
    A include/portable/system.h
    M innd/Makefile
    M innd/art.c
    M innd/cc.c
    M innd/chan.c
    M innd/icd.c
    M innd/innd.c
    M innd/keywords.c
    M innd/lc.c
    M innd/nc.c
    M innd/newsfeeds.c
    M innd/ng.c
    M innd/perl.c
    M innd/proc.c
    M innd/python.c
    M innd/rc.c
    M innd/site.c
    M innd/status.c
    M innd/tinyleaf.c
    M innd/util.c
    M innd/wip.c
    M innfeed/Makefile
    M innfeed/article.c
    M innfeed/buffer.c
    M innfeed/configfile.y
    M innfeed/connection.c
    M innfeed/endpoint.c
    M innfeed/host.c
    M innfeed/imap_connection.c
    M innfeed/innlistener.c
    M innfeed/main.c
    M innfeed/misc.c
    M innfeed/tape.c
    M lib/Makefile
    M lib/argparse.c
    M lib/artnumber.c
    M lib/asprintf.c
    M lib/buffer.c
    M lib/cleanfrom.c
    M lib/clientactive.c
    M lib/clientlib.c
    M lib/commands.c
    M lib/concat.c
    M lib/conffile.c
    M lib/confparse.c
    M lib/daemonize.c
    M lib/date.c
    M lib/dbz.c
    M lib/defdist.c
    M lib/dispatch.c
    M lib/fdflag.c
    M lib/fdlimit.c
    M lib/fseeko.c
    M lib/ftello.c
    M lib/getaddrinfo.c
    M lib/getfqdn.c
    M lib/getmodaddr.c
    M lib/getnameinfo.c
    M lib/hash.c
    M lib/hashtab.c
    M lib/headers.c
    M lib/hex.c
    M lib/inet_aton.c
    M lib/inet_ntoa.c
    M lib/inet_ntop.c
    M lib/innconf.c
    M lib/inndcomm.c
    M lib/list.c
    M lib/localopen.c
    M lib/lockfile.c
    M lib/makedir.c
    M lib/md5.c
    M lib/messageid.c
    M lib/messages.c
    M lib/mkstemp.c
    M lib/mmap.c
    M lib/network-innbind.c
    M lib/network.c
    M lib/newsuser.c
    M lib/nntp.c
    M lib/perl.c
    M lib/pread.c
    M lib/pwrite.c
    M lib/qio.c
    M lib/radix32.c
    M lib/readin.c
    M lib/reallocarray.c
    M lib/remopen.c
    M lib/reservedfd.c
    M lib/resource.c
    M lib/sd-daemon.c
    M lib/sendarticle.c
    M lib/sendpass.c
    M lib/sequence.c
    M lib/setenv.c
    M lib/setproctitle.c
    M lib/strcasecmp.c
    M lib/strlcat.c
    M lib/strlcpy.c
    M lib/strspn.c
    M lib/strtok.c
    M lib/symlink.c
    M lib/timer.c
    M lib/tst.c
    M lib/uwildmat.c
    M lib/vector.c
    M lib/wire.c
    M lib/xfopena.c
    M lib/xmalloc.c
    M lib/xwrite.c
    M nnrpd/Makefile
    M nnrpd/article.c
    M nnrpd/auth-ext.c
    M nnrpd/cache.c
    M nnrpd/commands.c
    M nnrpd/group.c
    M nnrpd/line.c
    M nnrpd/list.c
    M nnrpd/misc.c
    M nnrpd/newnews.c
    M nnrpd/nnrpd.c
    M nnrpd/perl.c
    M nnrpd/perm.c
    M nnrpd/post.c
    M nnrpd/python.c
    M nnrpd/sasl.c
    M nnrpd/tls.c
    M nnrpd/track.c
    M nnrpd/zlib.c
    M storage/Makefile
    M storage/buffindexed/buffindexed.c
    M storage/buffindexed/shmem.c
    M storage/cnfs/cnfs.c
    M storage/expire.c
    M storage/interface.c
    M storage/ov.c
    M storage/ovdb/ovdb.c
    M storage/overdata.c
    M storage/overview.c
    M storage/ovsqlite/ovsqlite-private.h
    M storage/timecaf/caf.c
    M storage/timecaf/timecaf.c
    M storage/timehash/timehash.c
    M storage/tradindexed/tdx-cache.c
    M storage/tradindexed/tdx-data.c
    M storage/tradindexed/tdx-group.c
    M storage/tradindexed/tdx-util.c
    M storage/tradindexed/tradindexed.c
    M storage/tradspool/tradspool.c
    M storage/trash/trash.c
    M support/getrra-c-util
    M tests/authprogs/ident-t.c
    M tests/innd/artparse-t.c
    M tests/innd/chan-t.c
    M tests/innd/fakeinnd.c
    M tests/lib/artnumber-t.c
    M tests/lib/asprintf-t.c
    M tests/lib/buffer-t.c
    M tests/lib/conffile-t.c
    M tests/lib/confparse-t.c
    M tests/lib/date-t.c
    M tests/lib/dispatch-t.c
    M tests/lib/fakewrite.c
    M tests/lib/fdflag-t.c
    M tests/lib/getaddrinfo-t.c
    M tests/lib/getnameinfo-t.c
    M tests/lib/hash-t.c
    M tests/lib/hashtab-t.c
    M tests/lib/hex-t.c
    M tests/lib/inet_aton-t.c
    M tests/lib/inet_ntoa-t.c
    M tests/lib/inet_ntop-t.c
    M tests/lib/innconf-t.c
    M tests/lib/list-t.c
    M tests/lib/md5-t.c
    M tests/lib/messages-t.c
    M tests/lib/mkstemp-t.c
    M tests/lib/network/addr-ipv4-t.c
    M tests/lib/network/addr-ipv6-t.c
    M tests/lib/network/client-t.c
    M tests/lib/network/server-t.c
    M tests/lib/pread-t.c
    M tests/lib/pwrite-t.c
    M tests/lib/qio-t.c
    M tests/lib/reallocarray-t.c
    M tests/lib/setenv-t.c
    M tests/lib/snprintf-t.c
    M tests/lib/strlcat-t.c
    M tests/lib/strlcpy-t.c
    M tests/lib/tst-t.c
    M tests/lib/uwildmat-t.c
    M tests/lib/vector-t.c
    M tests/lib/wire-t.c
    M tests/lib/xmalloc.c
    M tests/lib/xwrite-t.c
    M tests/nnrpd/auth-ext-t.c
    M tests/overview/api-t.c
    M tests/overview/overview-t.c
    M tests/overview/xref-t.c
    M tests/tap/messages.c
    M tests/tap/process.c
    M tests/tap/string.c
    M tests/util/innbind-t.c

  Log Message:
  Move clibrary.h to portable/system.h

Update the whole source code.

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