a tiny fix to Python hooks in INN

Ilya Etingof ilya at glas.net
Thu Dec 2 12:29:27 UTC 1999

Perhaps putenv() based implementation of setenv() would use extra memory
(malloc()'ed or static buffer) when formatting putenv()'s argument. It
also might have to call getenv() prior to putenv() what also seems to be
a little bit less efficient than direct environ lookup and modification.

Do you think environ based setenv() is not portable enough?


> > Also, setenv(3) function (used in innd/python.c) doesn't exist on SysV
> > machines so I coded a plug-in replacement for it.
> Hmm.  Perhaps a cleaner way around this problem would be to use putenv().
> Funny, I never realized setenv() was a Berkeleyism.

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