pb compiling on HP-UX

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at norand.com
Thu Dec 2 17:58:59 UTC 1999

You should never have to define _KERNEL.  The proper define is

I don't know what effect gcc has in this case, since I don't use
it with HP/UX.  Perhaps if you have an old gcc you might have
better results with a newer version.

By the way, you should seriously consider upgrading your HP/UX
to 10.20.  This is the first version that is certified to be
year 2000 ready.


>I have problem compiling inn 2.2.1 with gcc/hp-ux 10.01 because some
>part of the code need to have ( '-D _KERNEL' but not '-D HP-UX_SOURCE' )
>to have FD_ZERO and other part need to have ( '-D HP-UX_SOURCE' but not
>'-D _KERNEL' ) to have the RLIM_* variables set.
>The DEFINES are not set by ./configure and I have to set it directly in
>the Make file/.global file.
>May be I use a bad DEFINE?
>Do you have some idea?

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