pb compiling on HP-UX

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at norand.com
Fri Dec 3 15:35:42 UTC 1999

Ok, with the version of HP/UX that you have, that might be the
only way, other than simply copying that stuff out of sys/resource.h
and putting it directly into the INN files that need it.

In HP/UX 10.20, those defines are there without needing to
define _KERNEL.


>The need of _KERNEL is for the defines RLIM* that are defined in
>sys/ressource.h when _KERNEL existing. Maybe another way to declare it
>--- from ressource.h ---
>#ifdef _KERNEL  /* unsupported BSD stuff */
>#define RLIM_INFINITY   0x7fffffff
>#define RLIMIT_CPU      0               /* cpu time in milliseconds */
>#define RLIMIT_DATA     2               /* data size */
>#define RLIMIT_STACK    3               /* stack size */
>#define RLIMIT_RSS      5               /* resident set size */
>#endif  /* unsupported BSD stuff */
>--- from ressource.h ---
>Do you know it?

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