rnews: cant freopen No such file or directory

Sylvain Robitaille syl at alcor.concordia.ca
Fri Dec 3 17:53:36 UTC 1999

Katsuhiro Kondou

> Can you find how your rnews is called?

Not with complete confidence that I'm finding the right instance. :-(

Of those I can find, I see only one which appears to provide an
argument to rnews. In backends/batcher.c, I see:

     44 STATIC STRING   Separator = "#! rnews %ld";
    274         case 's':
    275             Separator = optarg;
    276             break;
    454     SendIt:
    455         /* Now we can start to send the article! */
    456         if (Separator && *Separator) {
    457             (void)sprintf(buff, Separator, BytesInArt);
    458             BytesInCB += strlen(buff) + 1;
    459             BytesWritten += strlen(buff) + 1;
    460             if (fprintf(F, "%s\n", buff) == EOF || ferror(F)) {
    461                 (void)fprintf(stderr,
                                "batcher %s cant write separator %s\n",
    462                     Host, strerror(errno));
    463                 (void)close(artfd);
    464                 break;
    465             }
    466         }

Argh... No. Even if I'm looking in the right file, that argument is
apparently the number of bytes in the article.

No I'm afraid I don't see from where rnews is called with *any* filename
argument, let alone a null one. I was hoping those of you who have seen
more of this code than I have would just *know*!  :-)

It's probably worth mentioning that I don't have any UUCP neighbors, so
I'm completely ignoring any files that (I believe) deal with that. Can
you give me an idea where to look?

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