innd hangs in current CVS?

greg andruk gerglery at
Fri Dec 3 23:13:23 UTC 1999

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, The Hermit Hacker wrote:

> Just upgraded to the latest, checked over my inn.conf file, did a
> ~/bin/ and innd just hangs...get the first 5 or so lines of text in
> my news.notice file and that's it...
> revert back to innd.OLD and all appears to be well...

Me too, this morning.  A related problem was that nnrpd was segfaulting
when it tried to process any GROUP commands.

Rebuilding the overview got me back up and running, after much head
scratching.  At the same time, I switched from buffindexed to tradindexed,
so I can't say for sure whether buffindexed has a new problem or the
buffers were corrupt (sorry 'bout that, but I was planning to switch for
other reasons and since I had to rebuild the overview anyway...)

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