innfeed ignoring -c in latest snapshot

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Sun Dec 5 00:18:17 UTC 1999

The last snapshot I used was before the major changes to the innfeed tree 
in november. compiling today's snapshot, innfeed completely ignored the -c 

from newsfeeds:

         :Tc,Wnm*:startinnfeed -c smalla-hfeed.conf

Dec  4 16:09:42 HSNX innfeed[22612]: ME starting innfeed v. 1.0 (Sat Dec 4 
14:40:15 PST 1999) at Sat Dec  4 16:09:42 1999
Dec  4 16:09:42 HSNX innd: innfeed-smalla-h! spawned 
Dec  4 16:09:42 HSNX innfeed[22610]: ME config aborting No such config 
file: /usr/local/news/etc/innfeed.conf

Solaris 7, Usparc5, gcc 2.95.2

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