Good article:overview ratio?

The Hermit Hacker scrappy at
Mon Dec 6 19:10:20 UTC 1999

Morning all...

	We're just rebuilding our server, throwing in, to start, 4x18gig
drives for article:overview, and 18gig for be grown
thereafter using 36gig drives...

	Right now, I'm seeing ~5gig of articles for ever 1gig of
overview...( 7343179art:12970931overview )... but that 5:1 ratio is just
the most recent, as my overview buffer 'threshold' keeps getting bumped,
and, therefore, dropping...

	Has anyone been able to come up with some sort of "safe ratio" for
estimating this, or is this going to be one of those "stumble
blindly" sort of issues? 

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