New overview storage method

Hans Lambermont Hans.Lambermont at
Tue Dec 7 13:31:46 UTC 1999

Heath Kehoe wrote:

> I'd like to announce the release of a new overview storage method for
> INN 2.3.

Another one ?
Is this the third overview storage method for inn2.3 ?

> This method uses the BerkeleyDB library.

Ah. Promising. Indeed why re-invent the wheel ?

> I put up a web page:  with more
> information, the patches, etc.
> Check it out, then feel free to swamp me with questions :)

I currently have no 2.3 test system available, but what you show on that
page looks good to me !

Especially your "My main goal here was reliability, so ovdb utilizes
BerkeleyDB's Transactional Data Store facility. It is quite fast; ov
storage speed is comparable to buffindexed." makes me think this we
should go this (your) way.

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