overview interface

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at norand.com
Wed Dec 8 22:26:32 UTC 1999

In each of the overview storage methods, the method_add() function
does identical processing:  Parse the Xref header to locate group
and artnum, check against grouppat, and then loop over the groups
to store the data.  That processing which is the same for each
OV method could be moved out to the ov.c file, so that there is
not so much code replication.

Would anyone object if I do this?  The way I'd do it is: put the
Xref-parsing, grouppat check, and for-each-group loop into
OVadd(), then modify the method_add() calls for each ovmethod to
include group and article number in the argument list.  This would
greatly simplify the method_add() functions without very much
change in functinality.


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