tradspool+buffindexed slowness.

Dan Merillat harik at
Thu Dec 9 07:00:02 UTC 1999

Tradspool at least seems to have slowed down a LOT since in
approx the last month.... I had a very zippy test box, and when
I upgraded to the latest 2.3-CVS (a few days ago, not on that machine
so I don't have the exact date) it slowed down dramatically.

A strace of nnrpd shows that it's stat()ing every file in the
directory before allowing xover to return...  is this needed?

can't we properly delete articles from history?  Is the article
check really needed still?

Actually, that may be a false alarm, I think what happened is my
lowmark got a lot higher then my actual article files... my latest
makehistory is after I zeroed the lowmark in active.

in which case, it's a longstanding slowness in tradspool as compared
to CNFS.  my (much smaller) tradspool box has a small fraction of the
performance of my larger spool.

Also, how do I do group-based expire?  I don't see what file I need
to configure for it... expire.ctl.5 just says "ignored if groupbasedexpire 
is true"


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