incoming.conf vs readers.conf

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Mon Dec 13 04:47:05 UTC 1999

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	Elena Samsonova <E.Samsonova at> wrote;

} I found experimentally that in a distributed system when you want to have
} your reader connect to the feeder to forward user postings, you should
} specify the reader in the feeder's incoming.conf.  On the other hand, when
} you want your reader to spool the articles first and then use rnews to
} send them over to the feeder, you need to add the reader to the feeder's
} readers.conf.
} Is this supposed to be this way, and if yes, then why?  Or is it just
} something weird about my own setup?

I may misunderstand your situation, but I think that's true
for inn.  Either rnews or nnrpd hands articles to innd thru
'ihave' not 'post'.  This does not depend on where innd is
or innd's mode(slave or not).
Katsuhiro Kondou

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