That 'newgroup' DOS thing....

David C Lawrence tale at
Tue Dec 14 18:47:27 UTC 1999

Charles Gregory writes:
> Even if we can't set something up in advance, is there a config file or
> other mechanism such that when we identify a 'category' of unwanted
> control message we could quickly add a parameter with filtering syntax to
> a config file and have INND reject the *rest* of the bad newgroup messages
> without spawning those additional processes?


I recommend adding:

newgroup:group-admin at*:drop
rmgroup:group-admin at*:drop

This should be immediately after the two lines that set the default
for newgroup and rmgroup to "*:*:mail".

In fact, I think I will add that to CURRENT/samples/control.ctl right
now.  It does have a commented out "log" for things *not* from
group-admin at, but I think it should just drop the bogus ones.

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