I'm new.

Cristian Rocha crocha at lserver.dc.uba.ar
Fri Dec 17 21:22:36 UTC 1999

Hy, every body.

Yes, I´m new in the list. This could only mean one thing: I'm an ignorant. 

Well, let me tell you why I need your help.

I'm installing some Inn servers in a linux intranet (Why? Investigation, not 
enough?). My first objetive is feeding one another. I have limits:

1- I'm not root.
2- My quota is 50Mb.
3- I don't have access to internet -only throgh HTTP proxy-.
4- I needed to install the servers on different NFS directories (all machine in 
the labs can see it).
5- Inn version is 2.2

I have only two servers running, one in "verde" (green in spanish) and the 
other in "ambar" computer. They can recive news from news clients running 
on all computers in the lab. That works fine. But they can't do feeding.
That makes me crazy!

I configure all like I read in the man pages. But I can't make it work out.

When I run the "inndstart -d" on both computers, and then "innfeed" in "verde"
I got the following message in "ambar":

innd: verde.dc.uba.ar connected 8 streaming allowed
innd: verde.dc.uba.ar:8 closed seconds 1 accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 0

Please help me!

I got other X-messages but I let them for the next mail.

Cristian Rocha
crocha at lserver.dc.uba.ar

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