Best newfs under FreeBSD?

Robert J. Adams radams at
Thu Dec 23 22:16:05 UTC 1999

Hello all,

We are building a new INN cnfs box using 50gig barracudas.. I was wondering
what the best newfs options would be since this is going to have one large
file per drive, I assume I don't need many inodes? I was thinking something
along the lines of:

newfs -b 65536 -m 0 -f 32768 /dev/blah

Does the above look ok? Will it have any performance issues since it will be
"optimized" for space and not time?

One other question, if I add additional space, do I just:

1) Make the buffer
2) add it to cycbuff.conf
3) restart INN

Will inn automatically start using the new space?


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