group cache is full?

Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Fri Jul 16 20:57:01 UTC 1999

In message <E115392-00012w-00 at>you write:
>> > Jul 15 08:48:37 hub innd: tradindexed: group cache is full, waiting 10
>> > seconds
>I stumbled across that when I first looked at ov3.c, and I still fail
>completely to see a rationale for the sleep. What would be helped by
>the whole (non-multithreaded, non-shared-memory) innd process to sleep
>for 10 seconds? Perhaps someone can tell if that is a debugging
>leftover, in which case it should be removed, or what else it is.

Clayton put that in looking forward to a time when innd would be
multithreaded.  That sequence shouldn't be hit in normal usage in the
current inn environment, as it should only hit when the cache is full
and all the cached groups are ones that have been OVopengroup()ed and
not OVclosegroup()ed, as OVopengroup ups the refcount and OVclosegroup
decrements the refcount for each group.  In other words, you should only
be seeing this if the code elsewhere is sloppy and failing to clean up after
itself by OVclosegroup()ing what it OVopengroup()s.  

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