What shape is 2.3 in?

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 14 23:52:15 UTC 1999

George Lindholm <George.Lindholm at ubc.ca> writes:

>   I was wondering if there is list of what shape inn 2.3 is in as far as
> what features are not working, have not been implemented, needs to be
> implemented, etc (before I loose what's left of my hear trying to figure
> why some things don't work (like expiring tradspool or makehistory -u)
> :-) Thanks

The documentation leaves a great deal to be desired.  Transit works fine
and is quite solid.  Readers and the new overview seem okay but article
writes are slow.  All of the recovery tools like makehistory and the like
are essentially non-functional at the present time or at least have been
changed enough that finding the right functioning options requires that
you know the code extremely well.  Nightly expire, however, seems to work
fine.  The only currently supported expiration method is class-based; you
can't currently expire by newsgroup (there are proposed changes on the
table to fix that, but not the corresponding code as of yet).

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