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Thu Nov 18 19:34:15 UTC 1999

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>      I put a script together to add new groups to my local news group.  I put
>this together before I found the ctlinnd stuff in the FAQ (6.3).  I basically
>want to show my script to you gurus to find out if this why I am getting errors
>when posting.

You cannot change the history file while INN is running. You have
to "ctlinnd throttle xyzzy", then edit the active file, then
"ctlinnd reload active", then "ctlinnd go xyzzy".

Also there is no need to rebuild the history file after editting
the active file. Fortunately, since it takes hours and hours
on my system.

>Nov 18 09:33:06 itsup innd: SERVER cant dbzstore No such file or directory
>Nov 18 09:33:06 itsup innd: SERVER cant write history
><811644$b0l$1 at> No such file or directory

Rebuilding the history file failed in your script, or you ran it
as root and the new history file is now owned by root instead
of news

Anyway, the whole script doesn't make much sense .. sorry :/

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