inn 2.x dying, ARTpost() causes core

Toni Andjelkovic toni at
Sat Nov 20 04:53:48 UTC 1999

Kai 'wusel' Siering wrote on Fri, Nov 19 1999 (14:49:36 +0100):
> I added something along
> 	if(!p || !q) {syslog(); buf[0]='\0'; return(buf);}
> in MaxLength() to make sure that beast won't bite my servers
> again.

thanks a lot for the fix, i looked deeper into the problem i posted
earlier today, and the same null pointer bit my server about 400 times
today --

Nov 20 03:31:18.150 + <8150d0$m01$1 at> 1462 overview! INFLOW
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

(news at leech):[~/bin] # gdb /news/bin/innd -c ../spool/articles/core
This GDB was configured as "i486-delix-linux"...
Core was generated by `/news/bin/innd -p4 -o 200 -d -f'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Speicherzugriffsfehler.
#0  0x8066066 in MaxLength (p=Cannot access memory at address 0xbfffee50.
) at innd.c:136
136         i = strlen(p);
(gdb) print p
$3 = 0x0

i wonder how it's possible that inn ran for 160 days without
a problem and recently started dying every few minutes.

Toni Andjelkovic
toni at

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