INN's install program

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Mon Nov 22 13:45:27 UTC 1999

[Forrest J. Cavalier, III]

>   It isn't common, but there are sites where the person with news
>   access does not have root access.
>   The initial install needs root, but it would be nice that a make
>   update does the right thing when run as news.  (Obviously can't
>   replace inndstart, but should be able to do the rest.)

You only need root if you run your server on a low port number.  I
always install as the user "news".

It would be good if the functionality INN needs was folded into
autoconf.  It is unfortunate that -b has taken that meaning in
install-sh, GNU cp also takes -b to mean make backup copy.  Perhaps
the case can be made that -b should change in install-sh?  (I think
it's used for -b=.exe to name all executables DOS-like.)

Kjetil T.

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