Approving messages on moderate newsgroups

Catalin Braica catalin at
Wed Nov 24 16:36:40 UTC 1999


I just installed inn2.2.1 on a linux machine.
I want to have only some local groups, not to fetch groups from another
Then, I want to have 2 groups with read/post allowed from everywhere, and
a third group (announcement) readable by everyone, but with posting
allowed from only some hosts.

Is this possible ? I look into the code, and it seems not possible.
(if it is, please give me an example of a nnrp.access file)

Anyway, a workaround for this was to make that group moderated, so only
allowed messages will get posted.
Ok, I did that, and when someone posts a message it gets mailed to
I guess that after that, the moderator should use inews to approve the
message, but isn't there another way ? 
Something like the moderator reads the mails with a normal mail reader,
forwards the message to the group, and adds in the *body* of the message a
line 'Approved: <moderator_email>' and actually approves the message.
I also looked a bit into the code (grep) and saw that HDR(_approved) gets
set only in inews, and doesn't check for the moderator email to see it is
ok, or some sort of authentication that the message was really approved.

So, how can I have 2 groups readable/writable by all, and a third group
readable by all and writable by only a few ?

Thanks in advancement

Catalin Braica
catalin.braica at

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