Proposed patch: cancel channel

Olaf Titz olaf at
Tue Nov 2 23:35:33 UTC 1999

I'd like to have this feature in the next INN release:
It greatly simplifies the implementation of c-nocem (the fastcancel
program, which is getting uglier and uglier, can be retired, and no
need for pausing the server any more).

The idea is that for sending local cancels in bulk, the NNTP
(unix-domain) socket is used. The client connects, sends the new
command MODE CANCEL, waits for response (new code 284) and after that
it simply sends all Message-IDs it wants to be cancelled. For each one
it gets a response code 289 for success and 484 for failure. Other
than the command protocol, this works exactly like "ctlinnd cancel".
On a TCP/IP socket, the MODE CANCEL command is refused, so only
locally installed programs under the news UID can use it.

Please tell me what do you think of this patch. It was done this way
because it was simple, perhaps there are some issues still to be
ironed out.


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