makehistory segfault.

Dan Merillat harik at
Wed Nov 3 05:08:19 UTC 1999

news at news:~/db$ time makehistory -I -x -O
makehistory: Can't write overview data "Re: A profound statement        supernaught at (supernaught)    Sun, 31 Oct 1999 04:40:35 GMT   <381bc768.5853360 at>        <37F8FA1A.95F9E973 at email"
makehistory: Can't write overview data "Re: Ancient Advanced African Negro technology   email at (M. McGill)    Sun, 31 Oct 1999 09:18:49 GMT   <email-2010991747460001 at>  <email-1910992234180001 at> <h6sNOCq3"
makehistory: Can't write overview data "Simpsons vs. PPG:  who ripped off whom?"Leo Sgouros" <lsgouro1 at> Sun, 31 Oct 1999 19:54:44 -0600 <Hu6T3.404$tI2.10486 at>   <Qjapan-sect-activityVRmKT_9ST at> <kibo-3009990014270001 at> <7unv4l$l2m$1 at> <7uo2c0$2eam at new"
Segmentation fault

either it's cropping the line or I've got some seriously corrupted articles here...

Also, I just died with a massive memory allocation error, around
800+ megs. perhaps some macro magic to bring in __FILE__ and __LINE__ ?

#define malloc(a)	_malloc(a, __FILE__, __LINE__)

This is a current CVSup (as of right this minute)  I'll recompile with -g and 
check the core.


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