Flood of control messages

Sico Bruins sico at msh.xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 3 11:15:39 UTC 1999

Javier Henderson <javier at KJSL.COM> wrote:

> 	For the last week or two, I've been seeing a plethora [1] of
> newgroups with "hipcrime" in the group name. Many (most?) are faked up
> to appear as coming from tale at uu.net. They fail authentication
> obviously, so the groups aren't created, but they still gotta be
> looked at, and take up CPU time, etc.
> 	My question is twofold:
> 	1) Has anyone else noticed this?
> 	1a) Any hints on how to deal with this problem?

At my site cleanfeed (http://www.exit109.com/~jeremy/news/cleanfeed.html)
takes care of this, if I'm not mistaken.

> -jav

CU, Sico (http://people.a2000.nl/sico/)

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