newnews y2k bug in 2.2.1

Sven Paulus sven at
Wed Nov 3 19:08:19 UTC 1999

In article <E11j5BP-0000Hm-00 at> you wrote:
|> I think, this should be committed during the next 60 days. A lot of clients
|> do a NEWGROUPS command on startup, so many, many people would get
|> error messages when doing their first newspoll in the new year.

Another question concerning Y2K:

nnrpd/innd accept postings with broken date headers like
Date: 01 jan 100 00:00:00
which is nice when dealing with dumb client software.

But I guess an article with a header like this won't have a chance to
propagate good within usenet (how do diablo, highwind, cnews deal with Date
headers like this?). Shouldn't we try to fix the date header (I think in
this case it's allowed, since it doesn't change the information contained
inside the header) to something like "01 jan 2000" when receiving an article
with a header like the one above?

Of course only in nnrpd's post.c, innd itself shouldn't alter any article
headers other than Path and Xref. Parsing the header to seconds since 1970
and regenerating it is easy. Of course, only in this special broken case.
"Good" Date headers should be left untouched.

Any opinions?


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