CNFS problems

Greg Wohletz greg at duke.CS.UNLV.EDU
Thu Nov 4 06:36:14 UTC 1999

I can't seem to get cnfs to work.  The incomming articles appear
to get stored in the buffers (the text of the messages shows up in
the buffers), however both innfeed and nnrpd give the error:

Nov  3 22:02:19 lazy nnrpd[20198]: SM could not find token type or method was not initialized

anytime they try to access the articles.

Could one of you kind folks let me know what I've missed?



My storage.conf is as follows:
method cnfs {
        newsgroups: egr.*,unlv.*
        class: 1
        options: LOCAL

method cnfs {
        newsgroups: comp.*,sci.*
        class: 2
        options: WORK

method cnfs {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 3
        options: PLAY

My cycbuff.conf file is as follows:

My inn.conf file is as follows:
organization:           UNLV College of Engineering
allownewnews:           false
status:                 1800
timer:                  1800
mta:                    /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi %s
mailcmd:                /var/news/bin/innmail
checkincludedtext:      false
maxforks:               10
maxartsize:             1000000
nicekids:               4
nicenewnews:            0
verifycancels:          false
logcancelcomm:          false
wanttrash:              false
remembertrash:          true
linecountfuzz:          0
peertimeout:            3600
clienttimeout:          600
localmaxartsize:        1000000
logartsize:             true
logipaddr:              true
logsitename:            true
maxconnections:         50
artcutoff:              14
icdsynccount:           10
hiscachesize:           0
readertrack:            false
strippostcc:            false
readerswhenstopped:     false
noreader:               false
extendeddbz:            false
nnrpdoverstats:         false
storeonxref:            true
nnrpdcheckart:          true
storemsgid:             true
usecontrolchan:         true
mergetogroups:          false
backoffauth:            false
backoffdb:              /var/news/db/backoff
backoffpostfast:        0L
backoffpostslow:        1L
backofftrigger:         10000L
refusecybercancels:     false
activedenable:          false
activedupdate:          30
activedport:            1119
nnrpperlauth:           false
# These options are unlikely to need changing in most situations
chaninacttime:          600
chanretrytime:          300
pauseretrytime:         300
nntplinklog:            false
nntpactsync:            200
badiocount:             5
blockbackoff:           120
# ---------------------------------
# Changing these options can have an effect on the way articles are
# stored and may require recreating the spool and/or database files
wireformat:             false
xrefslave:              false
nnrpdpostport:          119
spoolfirst:             false
writelinks:             true
storageapi:             true
articlemmap:            false
overviewmmap:           true
bindaddress:            all
sourceaddress:          any
port:                   119
## Keywords-in-overview options
## Enabling this without stopping innd and deleting the existing overview
## database and adding  will probably confuse a lot of things. You must 
## have compiled this support in too.
keywords:               false
keylimit:               512
keyartlimit:            100000
keymaxwords:            250
# Other options
doinnwatch:             true
innwatchsleeptime:      600
pgpverify:              true
controlfailnotice:      false
logcycles:              3
innwatchpauseload:      1500
innwatchhiload:         2000
innwatchloload:         1000
innwatchspoolspace:     8000
innwatchbatchspace:     800
innwatchlibspace:       25000
innwatchspoolnodes:     200
docnfsstat:             false
# ---------------------------------
# Paths to various aspects of the news system
pathnews:               /var/news
pathbin:                /var/news/bin
pathfilter:             /var/news/bin/filter
pathcontrol:            /var/news/bin/control
pathdb:                 /var/news/db
pathetc:                /var/news/etc
pathrun:                /var/news/run
pathlog:                /var/news/log
pathhttp:               /var/news/log
pathtmp:                /var/news/tmp
pathspool:              /var/news/spool
patharticles:           /var/news/spool/articles
pathoverview:           /var/news/spool/overview
pathoutgoing:           /var/news/spool/outgoing
pathincoming:           /var/news/spool/incoming
patharchive:            /var/news/spool/archive
pathuniover:            /var/news/spool/uniover
overviewname:           .overview

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