Proposed patch: cancel channel

Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Thu Nov 4 18:11:08 UTC 1999

In message <19991103013932.A693 at>you write:
>On Nov 03, Olaf Titz <olaf at> wrote:
> >The idea is that for sending local cancels in bulk, the NNTP
> >(unix-domain) socket is used. The client connects, sends the new
> >command MODE CANCEL, waits for response (new code 284) and after that
>Look at my perl implementation of the inndcom library (at
>It does that and even more (it does everything ctlinnd can do) and
>there is no need to add new code to innd.

If this code is still going thru the inndcomm interface, it won't work for
NoCeM's needs.  The ctlinnd/inndcomm interface can only handle one command
per pass through the INND main select loop, and this is nowhere *near* fast
enough to handle the volume of cancel requests needed by the current volume
of NoCeM traffic.   You need something that can let the requests "stream",
like the proposed solution Olaf Titz mentioned, or something that lets you 
handle multiple cancel requests in a single inndcomm transaction (I did this
once, but alas that source tree disappeared a long time ago :-(.

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