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Esen AKYAPI esena at
Tue Nov 9 13:57:26 UTC 1999

	Hi everyone;

	I am having some trouble with INN-2.2. It most probably is
because I am not familiar with every detail of INN and unix operating
system but I have been working on this for about some months now and I
still couldn't make it work properly. 

	I am supposed to run a server containing about 8000 newsgroups and
avarage disc usage is about 2.5 Gbytes everyday. This server will the
replacement of some old server on which INN-1.5.1 is running, old server
has y2k problem. 

	INN-2.2 is installed on the server which gives the following
output to "uname -a" command.

HP-UX patara B.10.20 A 9000/806 1967327272 two-user license

	I can get it work, feed it and expire properly (I believe) for 3-4
days. After that, it prefers to stop expiring and gets throttled. Expire
log tells this # of articles are processed and this # retained and #
expired and all but it never tells " Old entries dropped " are this much.

	"Old entries dropped" is always zero so "Old entries retained"
keeps going up. This must be the reason why the disc is eaten up and
server gets throttled after some time, right?	
I couldn't find what this means and I guess this problem
is something about database files and procedures about updating those

	I am sorry about this long long message but can anyone tell me
how/where I can find a solution to this problem?	 			

Not: And about storage, I have storageapi false in inn.conf, server is
supposed to use the traditional storing method.


				Esen AKYAPI

				tel: 0-90-312-210.33.54
	         		e-mail: esena at

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