Messages stuck in incoming

Bill.Hoffman at Bill.Hoffman at
Tue Nov 9 19:55:10 UTC 1999

    I am a inn newbie and am looking forward to becoming a pro. I am hoping this
mailing list will get me on my way. My problem is probably a simple one but I
could not find in the FAQ.  I am running an intranet news server with no outside
feed. All of the groups are internal groups.
Everything was working fine then all of sudden all of the posts were now stuck
in incoming. Is there something I need to run in order to force the posts into
their particular groups. Killing and restarting inn did not help.

 Here is my environment:

Red-hat   5.2   kernel 2.0.36

Here is the command I am using to start news:

su news -c /usr/local/news/bin/

If any one can give me help or point me in the right direction I would much

Thanx in advance,


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