newnews y2k bug in 2.2.1

Per Hedeland per at
Thu Nov 11 17:29:26 UTC 1999

Apropos, this *is* a 2.2.1-specific bug, right? I couldn't find the code
that Russell's patch fixed in either 1.7.2.insync-1.1d (still running
it, and I'd guess I'm not alone...) or 2.2. Also, does anyone have some
collected notes on y2k issues in general for the different versions out
there? (I have plonked the 2.2 parsedate.y into my 1.7.2.insync, on
someone's advice probably, but otherwise nothing.)

If so, it might be a good idea to put some words about that on the y2k
web page (I suspect that 1.6 and 2.0 aren't the most widely used
versions) - at least as far as *known* bugs/problems go. And needless to
say, a fixed 2.2.1, or at least Russell's patch (or perhaps both), needs
to be released/announced RSN...

--Per Hedeland
per at

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