History hash collisions

Fabien Tassin fta at oleane.net
Fri Nov 12 15:10:35 UTC 1999

According to Forrest J. Cavalier III:
> Looking at another problem (not Usenet related) I
> got to inspecting the Clayton dbz improvements.
> I seem to recall discussing it at the time on this list,
> but can't remember the details.  I think the discussion
> also had applications to the Clayton (or was it Garzik)
> pre-commit caches....
interesting explaination sniped..

> I noticed a thread on news.software.nntp recently.
> Should this discussion get moved there?

several months ago, Matt (Dillon) made a similar work with its CRC-16 to
CRC-64 hash code for Diablo.

Read http://www.backplane.com/diablo/crc64.html for the details..

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