Solaris 2.6 largefile64 fcntl locking overview bump

Mark Hittinger msh at FreeBSD.ORG
Sat Nov 13 19:05:25 UTC 1999

It looks like fcntl has no fcntl64 counterpart in the 2.6 largefile
environment.  This makes expireover hang (as an example).  It looks
like buffindex and ov3 both assume that HAVE_FCNTL is true, and they
include an enum LOCKTYPE that is conditional to HAVE_FCNTL.

I think we can work around this with lockf, there is a lockf64 counterpart
that gets linked in.  I believe its possible to patch LockRange etc
to conditionally use the other call.

FYI - with HAVE_FCNTL off buffindex and ov3 won't compile.


Mark Hittinger
msh at

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