bug in inndstart.c w/gcc2.95.1

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at atgi.net
Fri Oct 1 06:51:45 UTC 1999

just thought i'd mention the following - installed the new gcc 2.95.1 on my 
sol 7 box today. during compile of today's snapshot (sep 30), it failed as 

inndstart.c: In function `main':
inndstart.c:266: warning: comparison between pointer and integer
inndstart.c:266: label `port' used but not defined
*** Error code 1

commenting out the check for legitimate port that's at that location in 
inndstart.c allows it to compile cleanly...

Paul Theodoropoulos                 Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.
Senior UNIX Systems Administrator             Internet Services

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