Bug in buffindexed?

The Hermit Hacker scrappy at hub.org
Mon Oct 4 01:14:48 UTC 1999

On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, The Hermit Hacker wrote:

> On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, Richard Michael Todd wrote:
> > >
> > >Can this 'makehistory' be run while the system is live?  ie:
> > >
> > >makehistory
> > >makedbz -s `wc -l history`
> > >~news/bin/rc.news
> > >makehistory -O -x
> > 
> > It definitely can with tradindexed, I've done it lots of times.  With 
> > buffindexed I'm not so sure.
> well, I'm about to find out *cross fingers* :)

Okay, just want to get something straight here...if I run makehistory -O
-x after starting up rc.news, and after having wip'dout my overview
buffers, readers will so no articles in those groups until the overview
records have been recreated again...right?

The reason I ask is that I just got things started up, and am running the
above command and started up my newsreader, and I see no articles where I
should have seen some...so either this doesn't work with buffindexed, or
I'm slightly better off now then before...

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