Do we support 2.2.1 or not ?

Hans Lambermont Hans.Lambermont at
Tue Oct 5 15:36:06 UTC 1999

> > Small question: 'Do we pretend to support INN 2.2.1, the current
> >                  official release, or not ?'

Hello Russell and Russ,

Thanks for your reply. I was feeling a bit neglected i think ;)

Though, when i look at INN from a distance nowadays, i see a very
enthusiastic group developing it, but at the cost of stability. And i
think the focus shifted too far to development. I deploy INN for about 5
years now for a major worldwide company's intranet, and stability is my
major concern. Perhaps it is the combination of my platform (BSDI) and
INN, i don't know, but i find the stability lowering over the years. I
think that is sad.

Some remarks:

Russel wrote:
> This is, after all, "best effort" support - you don't pay for it.

I know :) and it is the reason we choose it because this best effort
support is most of the time better and prompter than that of a
closed and commercial product.

Russ wrote:
> We try.  Your question was about overview problems in INN 2.2.1 using
> CNFS, which means that you're using a chunk of code which is no longer in
> the development tree and which we decided not to go with in the long term.

Perfect, fine. But it *is* the version we tell everyone to use on the
ISC pages. See my point ?

Anyway, thanks for your time and devotion to INN ;) Btw, what do you
think about my stability plea ?

Btw, Katsuhiro jumped onto my problem :) I hope we'll be able to track
it down and fix it.

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