inn_status.html truncated

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Wed Oct 6 14:52:04 UTC 1999

since upgrading from inn-1999-10-01_03-00  to inn-1999-10-05_03-00 
yesterday, my inn_status.html has been heavily truncated - rather than 
displaying the 40 some-odd peers i have, it's only displaying two, while 
stating in the 'header' that i have 78 peers...

can be seen at as "Feeds incoming to HSNX".

I'd say that this qualifies as a minor oddity (or to quote Marc, '*raised 
eyebrow* ;^), rather than a bug that needs immediate stomping...
Paul Theodoropoulos                 Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.
Senior UNIX Systems Administrator             Internet Services

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