found one of my problems

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Fri Oct 8 00:14:57 UTC 1999

i blame this on disorganization and a tendency to fiddle with things --

just discovered that my system wasn't writing overview data. i'm running 
buffindexed to rawdisks. my device nodes hadn't been touched since the end 
of last night's expire. why? while fiddling around with things, i had set 
"use overchan" to true in inn.conf.

i could blame this on the scattered state of the current documentation, but 
since that word "EXPERIMENTAL" is tacked onto the name of the software, I'd 
be on the losing end of that argument.

i seem to recall there was a question about 'rebuilding' overview data on 
the list recently, so i'll check my archives for the method to get the 
missing overview data retrieved.
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