odd error message

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at atgi.net
Fri Oct 8 03:48:22 UTC 1999

At 07:20 PM 10/7/99 , you wrote:
>In article < at pop3.callatg.com>,
>} I'm rebuilding overview with the previously noted 'makehistory -O -x -I',
>} and am getting lots of the following:
>You need to have clean buffers to rebuild overview for
>buffindexed, though it's not documented anywhere :<


okay, i guess it's /dev/zero time, then restart the makehistory. Shoot, 
this'll probably take quite a while - I have ten gigabytes reserved for 
buffindexed overview, and inndf reports it to be at 57% used!

on second thought, i wonder if those roughly twelve hours of lost overview 
records are worth it. Aside from a few staff members, we have only one 
customer reading news currently (we're still pretty early in startup mode, 
only a few dozen dsl and hi-cap customers so far)
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