overchan in 2.3

N niels at bakker.net
Fri Oct 8 14:35:30 UTC 1999

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

>} Repeated occurrences of these log messages isn't supposed to be normal,
>} is it?
> This says overchan cannot keep up with innd.  Setting blockbackoff
> in inn.conf to 1 or 2 would be helpful, although you'll still see

Thanks for the pointer, I'll try it. (So many new options, so little time)

> the message.  To prevent all of those, useoverchan should be set
> to false and disable overchan in newsfeeds.  Innd will write all
> overview data and index thru libstorage.  But I suspect you will
> not be able to keep up with newsfeed from peers even if you switch.

That is indeed why I enabled the external overchan in the first place...

	-- Niels.

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