Hacking configure, round two

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sun Oct 10 15:52:02 UTC 1999

The products of today's labor can be acquired at:


I've only tried compiling on Solaris so far, so it needs some more
regression testing.  I'm heading off to get something to eat and figured I
may as well throw it out in case anyone else wanted to look at it before I
got back.

With this patch, INN no longer uses subst.

configdata.h is no more, replaced by a small file that just includes
config.h until we can fix defines.  Everything in it migrated either into
clibrary.h if it looked like a generic C portability thing or into
acconfig.h if it was INN-specific and particularly if someone might want
to change it.  The user-settable parameters from the old config.data that
someone was likely to actually tweak are at the top of acconfig.h (and
therefore will be at the top of config.h); buffer sizes and all the legacy
stuff is down under the configure results.

I added a veritable barrage of comments, explaining what exactly various
things do to the best of my understanding.  A lot of the defines were
rather under-commented and it wasn't clear what changing them would

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