overchan.c and malformed token messages

Tom Kacvinsky tjk at ams.org
Sun Oct 10 16:39:23 UTC 1999


We are running inn-1999-08-05_03-01 with storageapi and

Our errors logs keep filling up with messages like:

overchan malformed token, [689964030493DFE83CB682BC665681B8] ...

I traced the error message generation down to line 68 of overchan.c
The message appears to be informational only, becasue we do have
overview data for those articles which have malformed tokens.

Now, I know that the tokens used to get written out as


instead of 


so taking this and the code in overchan.c, I can see why I am getting
the messages.

I see that overchan.c has not been "fixed" to correct this, as of
the inn-1999-10-10_03-00 snapshot, but perhaps innd is now writing
out tokens as it used to?  I haven't compiled the 1999-10-10_03-00
snapshot, so I don't know if this is the case.

Anyway, what can be said about this?  Where do I look in the source
for token generation?  I looked in the innd/ subdirectory, but did
not find what I was looking for.



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