Severe xover corruption problems on INN2.2.1

iang at iang at
Mon Oct 11 10:31:04 UTC 1999

Hans Lambermont wrote:
> Another thing that might be interesting; the xover estimate of the
> number of articles in a group is way off. F.i.
> group
> 211 10 930 970
> has only 3 articles in it, not 10.

According to RFC977, the number of articles reported in a group is
an estimate.

3.2.1.  GROUP

   GROUP ggg

   The required parameter ggg is the name of the newsgroup to be
   selected (e.g. "").  A list of valid newsgroups may be
   obtained from the LIST command.

   The successful selection response will return the article numbers of
   the first and last articles in the group, and an estimate of the
   number of articles on file in the group.  It is not necessary that
   the estimate be correct, although that is helpful; it must only be
   equal to or larger than the actual number of articles on file.  (Some
   implementations will actually count the number of articles on file.
   Others will just subtract first article number from last to get an

Ian Freislich
UUNET S.A. (Pty) Ltd

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