Problem with latest snapshot and buffindexed

Andrew Kemp andrew at
Tue Oct 12 01:03:14 UTC 1999


For a while now we have been running a previous snapshot for our
new server, which was using the old tradindexed method for the overview
(yep, reader system).

Anyway, after following the discussions on this list, I decided it
was time to upgrade. I have upgraded to the latest snapshot this 
morning, and the new code is built and installed.

However, when I try the following :

makehistory -b -f /tmp/history.n -O -I -T/tmp -l 300000

I get this error :

makehistory: OVopen failed

I have checked that the 'news' user has full permissions to the buffindexed
overview files, I have created them with 'dd', but I am stumped why this
will not work ?  

Any suggestions. Thanks.


Andrew Kemp

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