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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Oct 25 00:11:09 UTC 1999

Would anyone object if I made INN's require version 2.13 of
autoconf to process?  It's only about ten months old now, but it would let
us replace code like this:

AC_CHECK_FUNC(crypt, , [AC_CHECK_LIB(crypt, crypt, LIBS="$LIBS -lcrypt")])


AC_SEARCH_LIBS(crypt, crypt)

which is way easier to read.  AC_SEARCH_LIBS differs from AC_CHECK_LIB in
that it doesn't define HAVE_LIBXXX in config.h and clutter up your
config.h, it checks to see if you have the function without any additional
libraries first so as not to add libraries you don't need to link against,
and it lets you specify multiple space-separated libraries to search
through for a particular function.

autoconf is a pretty trivial software installation; I installed 2.13 here
a few months back.

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